25 Advertisement Examples To Motivate Your Creativity

Advertisements can be seen everywhere when you go outside like on billboards, magazines and posters. A great marketing strategy will make sure that these advertisements leave lasting impressions on viewers. Therefore, advertisements need to be creative, clever and smart enough to stand out in order to catch viewers’ attention within seconds.

Here are 25 advertisements that can kindle your creativity.

1. Become Someone Else 

Become Someone Else

2.  Silver Star Best Wood 

Best Wood Products

3. Terrorism Related Deaths Since 2001 – 11,337 ; Tobacco Related Deaths Since 2001 – 30,000,000

Cigarette Smoke And Environment

4. Cobra Alarm Systems

Cobra Alarm System

5. Your Tips Help Expose Criminals 

Expose Criminals With Your Tips

6. FedEx Mailing 

FedEx Mail

7. Become One Of The Freshest Smelling Places On Earth 

Fresh Smelling On Planet Earth

8. Google Is Your Friend

Google Is Your Friend

9. Have A Break, Have A KitKat

Have A Break Have A Kitkat

10. HD Entertainment 

HD Entertainment

11. Immediate Relief From Muscle Pain 

Immediate Relief From Muscle Pain

12. Read More. Know More. Live More. 

Know more live more

13. Pilot Pen – ExtraFine 

Make Lego Art

14. McDonalds – A Sandwich For Experts 


15. Have A Fresh Breath 

Mouth Freshner Ad

16. Olympus – Built In Image Stabilization 

Olympus Built In Image Stabalization

17. Because It’s Rare To Be Proud Of A Stain 

Rara to be proud of a stain

18. Blend In Zoo Safari 

Safari Zoo

19. Fight Your Fear 

Scream Kills Bugs

20. Take Selfie With Shark From Underwater Single Hand Camera Operation

Selfie With A Shark One Hand Camera

21. Life Counts. Slow Down On Road.

Slow Down On Road, Life Counts

22. Start Saving On Funds 

Start Saving On Funds

23. Silence Hurts! 

Victum Support

24. Is Your Furnace Winter-Ready? 

Winter Ready Furnace

25. You Fade Away With Every Puff.

You Fade Away With Every Piff


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